RDA History

In late July 2000, I was bored at work. It was lunch time and I was cruising the internet. Isn’t that always the way something starts? Small and innocuous?

I was living in Tampa at the time, and I’d become a huge fan of WMNF, a community radio station sponsored by donations and the volunteer work of a number of DJ’s. The music there was absolutely fantastic, the likes of which the mainstream had never provided. And I thought to myself, “Damn, I’d love to do that.”

So there I was on my lunch break, and after poking about the search engines, I discovered Live365. Back in those days, it was free to set up a station and run with it.

I’m a member of White Wolf Publishing’s Camarilla Fan Club, which has a global Live Action Role Playing game. That night when I got home from work, I logged onto our IRC channel and set myself running. And that’s where we got off the ground.

I did the show mainly in-character for the game, but as the years have gone by, it’s evolved into a radio show that relates to a whole lot more than just gaming. We’ve done live on-site shows at conventions, interviewed celebrities, done some poking into the underground music scene, and had people from all over the country in the studio.

Now we’re seventeen years in, and RDA is still here. After over a decade and a half, I’m not even anywhere near halfway done. Right now, there’s a lot planned for RDA. Keep listening.