Radio Dead Air has covered Dragon*Con since 2004, with a variety of folks taking time to talk with us. Below is a list of interviewees with some of the interviews in *mp3 format (it says *.wav …it lies).

To listen, please right-click and save the files to your computer. These files are large and eat up a lot of bandwidth.

Dragon*Con 2004

Camarilla MST Alex T
Camarilla Club Director Charles Bailey
Jenny Breedan of The Devil’s Panties ( http://www.thedevilspanties.com )
Voltaire ( http://www.voltaire.net )
Camarilla member Glas
Dragon-Con Media Director Starr Roberts
Anne McCaffrey
Jo Jo The Klingon
Joesph Micheal Linsner
Julie Benz from “Angel”
Jewel Stait from “Firefly”
Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillian from “Firefly” (along with Ain’t It Cool News )
Warren Ellis, “Hellblazer” and “Transmetropolitan”

Dragon*Con 2005

Jennie Breeden, The Devil’s Panties ( http://www.thedevilspanties.com )
Adam Baldwin, Firefly and Serenity
Gigi Edgley, Farscape
Rooster Teeth Productions, Red Vs. Blue ( http://www.redvsblue.com )
Tricia Helfer, Battlestar Galactica
Dean Haglund, The X-Files ( http://www.deanhaglund.com )
Voltaire ( http://www.voltaire.net )
Richard Hatch, Battlestar Galactica ( http://www.greatwarofmagellan.com/ )
Rogue, The Cruxshadows ( http://www.cruxshadows.com )
Robert Jordan, The Wheel of Time ( http://www.tor.com/jordan/ )
Alexis Cruz, Stargate: SG-1 ( http://www.gateworld.net )
Autumn, Purgatory Fetish Show ( http://cityguide.aol.com/charlotte/bars/event.adp?evid=2312210 )
Dave DeVries, The Monster Engine ( http://www.themonsterengine.com )
Paul McGillion, Stargate: Atalntis (Incomplete)
Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn
Paul Mercer, The Changelings
Cherie Priest, Four And Twenty Blackbirds
Gary Jones, Stargate: SG-1
Raelee Hill, Farscape
Hattie Hayridge, Red Dwarf

Dragon*Con 2006

Information Coming Soon

Dragon*Con 2007

Aaron Douglas ( Battlestar Galactica ) http://www.aarondouglas.biz/
Bruce Harwood and Tim Braidwood (The X-Files, The Lone Gunmen)
Courtney Perry (EFF) http://www.eff.org
Doc Hammer ( The Venture Bros ) http://doc-hammer.deviantart.com/
Gigi Edgely ( Farscape ) http://www.gigiedgley.com/
The Grey Man ( DragonCon Security )
Jamie Bamber ( Battlestar Galactica ) Jamie Bamber
Jennie Breeden ( The Devil’s Panties )
Lani Tupu ( Farscape ) http://www.lanitupu.net/index_orange.php
Lori Petty ( Tank Girl ) http://www.loripetty.com/
The Mythbusters Build Team ( Mythbusters )
Pete Abrams ( Sluggy Freelance )
Peter David http://peterdavid.malibulist.com/
Peter S. Beagle http://www.conlanpress.com/
Ron Glass (Firefly) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0322002/
Theresa Bane http://www.theresabane.com/
Voltaire http://www.voltaire.net/
Whilce Portacio (Wetworks) http://www.whilcewetworks.blogspot.com/

Dragon*Con 2008

Anne and Todd McCaffrey The Dragonriders of Pern Series – http://annemccaffrey.net/
Voltaire Ooky Spooky Singer/Songwriter/Artist/Filmmaker Extrarodinare – http://www.voltaire.net/
Gigi Edgley – Farscape’s Chiana and now involved with Blue Shift – http://www.gigiedgley.com/
Ego Likeness – Very awesome band – http://www.egolikeness.com/
Cherie Priest – Author and interesting lady – http://www.cheriepriest.com/
Tim Russ – Star Trek: Voyager’s Tuvok, among other projects – http://www.timrusswebpage.net/ Also check out the online special episode of Trek he worked on, Of Gods and Men.
Brad Dourif – Long time actor with roles in Star Trek, Alien: Resurrection and The Lord of the Rings – http://www.braddourif.com/
Ethan Phillips – Star Trek: Voyager’s Neelix, as well as now appearing on Pushing Up Daisies – http://www.ethanphillips.com/
Robert Picardo (can be heard in the Ethan Phillips interview) – The famed Doctor of Star Trek: Voyager, as well as Agent Woolsey on Stargate: Atlantis – http://www.robertpicardo.com/
ALSO: Please, please please give a look for Robert Picardo’s new horror thriller coming soon, Sensored. You can find information on it here . I definitely want to see this thing.
Jennie Breeden – Hard-working, kilt-blowing webcomics artist –
Pete Abrams – Creator of the webcomic Sluggy Freelance – http://www.sluggy.com (I’m including last year’s interview here .)
Dean Haglund – Langley of The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen – http://www.deanhaglund.com (Included here is this year’s partial inteview; previous interview is here. )
Also for Dean, check out his invention: the Chillpak, winner of the Silver Medal in the 2007 Inventor’s Expo Geneva
David Franklin – Captain Bracca of Farscape fame – http://www.henson.com/fantasy_scifi.php?content=farscape
Michael Dorn – Worf of many an episode of Star Trek over eleven years – http://www.startrek.com/startrek/view/index.html
Peter S. Beagle – Brilliant and charming author of The Last Unicorn, among many other works – http://www.conlanpress.com/html/books.html
Rogue – Long of Cruxshadows fame – http://www.cruxshadows.com/
Robert Llewellyn – Best known as Red Dwarf’s Kryten, he gives up the big news about the return of the show in this interview! – http://www.reddwarf.co.uk/
Dominic Keating Second part here – Lieutenant Malcolm Reed of Star Trek: Enterprise – http://dominickeating.com/
Carrie Henn – Newt from Aliens, now a schoolteacher in California
Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick – The creative minds (and some of the voices) behind The Venture Brothers – http://www.adultswim.com/shows/venturebros/index.html
Trace Beaulieu – Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Dr. Clayton Forrester as well as the voice of Crow, now working on Cinematic Titanic –
Michael Hogan – Colonel Tigh of the new Battlestar Galatica – http://www.scifi.com/battlestar/ Also check out Michael Hogan reading Paul Quarrington’s King Leary here .