Radio Dead Air

(4.30.2018: Hello all! The old embeds to the Dr Who vids, The Musical Chair, Here There Be Dragons, etc. still need to be updated. In the meantime, you can can find all the non-Youtube content on Nash’s Vimeo at Thank you for your patience!)

Since 2000, Nash Bozard has been broadcasting every Monday night with a blend of music, geekdom, and weirdness.  One of the longest-running live shows on the web, Radio Dead Air has continued to grow and evolve, becoming one part Wayne’s World, a dash of Just Say Julie, a little bit of Silent Running and 100% fun.  Join us!

Live RDA broadcasts happen every Monday night 9pm to 2am EST through Ustream with live IRC chat through Darkmyst in #radiodeadair.

WTFIWWY Live happens around 11:30pm EST every Monday night, during RDA Live.

Tech Q&A live broadcasts happen every other Saturday night, also at 9pm EST through Ustream with live IRC chat through Darkmyst in #radiodeadair. They are also (usually) simulcast on Twitch..

Thanks to Patreon support, RDA Gaming livestreams are happening every Wednesday night at 9pm EST, on Twitch.