So I left.

For almost eight years, I’ve been a part of Channel Awesome. It was a fantastic opportunity, opened a lot of doors and allowed me to meet amazing people, some of whom are my best friends.

But it’s also been hurtful and harmful to some of those people, as I’m sure you’ve seen come to light recently. I don’t feel comfortable continuing on as part of it anymore. Channel Awesome’s response did not set my mind at ease, nor have the days that followed.

As to why I waited as long as I did: I’d made a commitment to an upcoming project that involved other producers connected to Channel Awesome, one that would have allowed them an opportunity to be part of something they previously hadn’t had a chance to experience with the site. I’d signed on to do the project last year; plans had been made, money spent, time off work had been arranged. I didn’t want to be the one to ruin it for them. But as those producers and I spent this week talking and discussing the situation, they were equally displeased. That more or less sealed the decision.

Even before all this I’d hoped to make it to October, round off eight years, and bow out gracefully. The situation has been ongoing for a long time, and has eroded my enthusiasm for the work in general (as I’m sure some of you no doubt have noticed). It’s still breaking my heart; there’s been a lot of good times in all this, but that doesn’t outweigh all the bad.

I still have the friends I made from all this. I’ll still work with them as projects allow, still seek them out in person when the opportunity arises. And Radio Dead Air will continue on as always.

Thank you.