Radio Dead Air

Since 2000, Nash Bozard has been broadcasting every Monday night with a blend of music, geekdom, and weirdness.  One of the longest-running live shows on the web, Radio Dead Air has continued to grow and evolve, becoming one part Wayne’s World, a dash of Just Say Julie, a little bit of Silent Running and 100% fun.  Join us!

Live RDA broadcasts happen every Monday night 9pm to 2am EST through Ustream with live IRC chat through Darkmyst in #radiodeadair.

WTFIWWY Live happens around 11:30pm EST every Monday night, during RDA Live.

Tech Q&A live broadcasts happen every other Saturday night, also at 9pm EST through Ustream with live IRC chat through Darkmyst in #radiodeadair. They are also (usually) simulcast on Twitch..

Thanks to Patreon support, RDA Gaming livestreams are happening every Wednesday night at 9pm EST, on Twitch.